Ambrosia CBD – Enecta

Ambrosia CBD – Enecta

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Looking for the best CBD refill fluids for your vaporizer?

ENECTA offers you the highest quality electronic cigarette refill fluids (e-liquids) with CBD. Ambrosia CBD with natural aroma and plant extract. Contains pure cannabidiol extract and terpenes.

Available in 3 fantastic flavors:

Peach tea



The cannabidiol contained is extracted from high quality hemp oil with vegetable glycerin and without any nicotine.

It is a vapor revolution and a pioneering cannabis extract in the form of e-liquid.

Experience steaming with the most wonderful nectar there has ever been.

How it is produced

Enecta cannabidiol oil is produced from organic cannabis cultivation in Italy and does not use pesticides or herbicides, so we offer you high quality products.

All products go through special quality controls in laboratories, to ensure maximum safety and the highest possible quality. They do not contain any synthetic ingredients and are 100% pure and pure products.

What is cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is one of the main ingredients of the cannabis plant and is a substance that is completely natural, 100% safe to use, without any side effects and extremely beneficial for the body.

and a very useful ingredient

has been scientifically researched and

has been shown to treat a wide range of serious diseases and ailments.

What are the health benefits of cannabidiol oil?

It causes a feeling of relaxation and discharge

Strong anti-inflammatory action

Anti-inflammatory properties

Neuroprotective action



It treats pain and pain


That helps

Scientific research on cannabidiol has shown that it can be an alternative treatment to a wide range of serious diseases and ailments.

Indicatively, some of them are:


Multiple Sclerosis


Parkinson’s disease

Chronic and neuropathic pain


Mental disorders

But cannabidiol is not just for the sick. It is equally effective and beneficial for all those who:

They want to improve their overall health

To feel a sense of well-being

Strengthen their immune system and brain activity

CBD vaporization is a very fast and effective way for the substance to act directly on the lungs. The use of a vaporizer does not produce any smoke, only steam and so it is completely safe for health.

Try Enecta’s Ambrosia CBD today and feel the change inside you, of course.

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