Balance lotion – Formula 3011 – 250ml – Jeanbio

Balance lotion – Formula 3011 – 250ml – Jeanbio

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Are you looking for a 100% natural product that will give radiance, toning and hydration to your skin? Something you can use every day and you will be sure that it does not burden your skin?

Do you like face masks and exfoliating products, but you want to remove any residue they leave on your skin?

You don’t have to try other promising cosmetics. You just found exactly what you are looking for!

This is the Cannabis Balance Lotion – Formula 3011 from Jeanbio with natural hemp oil extract.

What does hemp oil offer to the skin?

Cannabis oil can be scientifically proven to work wonders for your skin. Some of its healing and cosmetic properties are:

Strong anti-inflammatory action

Anti-aging property

Helps balance dry skin

Fights skin inflammations and redness

Antioxidant action

Moisturizing action

What is Cannabis Balance Lotion?

It is an extremely effective, 100% natural and gentle cleansing lotion based on cannabis oil extract. Jeanbio’s lotion offers rejuvenation and balance for all skin types.

The lotion removes any traces of various cleaning products, face masks and exfoliating products, leaving the skin balanced and with a sense of renewal.

Your skin becomes firmer, cleanses deeply and maintains its ideal pH, while remaining hydrated and soft.

What it offers

Rejuvenation and balance of all skin types

Toning, radiance and cleansing of the skin

Skin that radiates and remains deeply hydrated

Deep cleansing and removal of all contaminants that enter and remain in the pores of the skin

How to use

Suitable for daily application on the skin. It is applied morning and night with cotton.

What does it contain

Jeanbio’s Cannabis Balance Lotion – Formula 3011, with natural hemp oil extract, is a unique and natural blend of:

Natural hemp oil extract

Aloe vera – Regulates oiliness and accelerates cell regeneration

Vitamins – Nourish the skin in depth to make it look radiant and refreshed

Amino acids – They stimulate skin cells, soothe and rejuvenate the skin

What makes Jeanbios special?

All Jeanbio products are made with the purest and natural ingredients, so that you have the best skin care products on your hands. The products contain real seeds, peels and pulp, so you can take advantage of the best that nature has to offer you.

The products do not contain:


Animal by-products


Harmful pigments

Artificial fragrances

Chemical substances

Give your skin the care and care it really deserves and only nature can offer.

Try the Cannabis Balance Lotion – Formula 3011 from Jeanbio today, with natural hemp oil extract and shine like never before.

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