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Do you have sensitive skin and most of your products cause irritation and itching?

Are you looking for a 100% organic product that you can use every day to cleanse your face and body?

You just found the perfect product for you and your needs.

This is the cannabis black bar soap from Jeanbio.

What is black cannabis soap and what does it offer

This is a 100% herbal soap, which is prepared in the traditional way, from excellent quality organic ingredients. Black hemp soap offers you:

Strong anti-aging protection

Deep nourishment and hydration of the face and body

Skin cleansing and protection

What does black cannabis soap contain?

The black cannabis soap by Jeanbio, contains a unique combination of 100% natural and powerful ingredients, which are as follows:

Organic hemp oil – Hemp oil has huge benefits for the skin. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, fights acne, protects and moisturizes the skin, has anti-aging properties

Organic Virgin Olive Oil – Olive oil soothes, rejuvenates, moisturizes, softens and keeps skin smooth and soft. It contributes significantly to the health and natural shine of hair and is suitable for all skin types

Organic Lemon Oil – Lavender Oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, fights belly fat and lowers bad cholesterol

Aloe Vera Extract – Aloe juice is known for its healing and cosmetic properties. Deeply moisturizes the skin, heals wounds and eliminates scars, increases collagen production and slows down skin aging. Pure essential oils – Essential oils are ideal for dry and oily skin. They help fight acne, help keep hair healthy, have antibacterial action and help with skin conditions. They also have strong relaxing and soothing properties for the body

Try the black cannabis soap from Jeanbio today and give your body and face the most complete and natural protection, with the power of nature itself.

After all, your skin deserves only the best.

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