Body Lotion – Formyla 5113

Body Lotion – Formyla 5113

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Do you suffer from wild, dry and hard skin?

Do you experience daily itching and are you looking for a natural product that will effectively relieve you and instantly hydrate your skin?

There is a solution to your problem.

This is a body lotion with cannabis oil extract from Jeanbio.

What is a body lotion with hemp oil extract

It is a 100% natural product, which directly and effectively contributes to cell regeneration. With this product, your skin will replenish the moisture it lacks and will naturally deal with the skin problems that afflict you.

For whom is it suitable?

The body lotion is suitable for:

Dry and rough skin

Dehydrated and wild skin

Atopic dermatitis

Itching due to dryness

What hemp oil offers

Strong protection against inflammation


It balances the dryness of the skin and restores it to normal levels

Fights skin inflammations

Antioxidant action

Deep hydration

What it offers and what it contains

Jeanbio’s body lotion, thanks to the natural hemp oil extract it contains, offers:

Deep hydration of the skin

Soothes irritation and redness

Restores lost skin elasticity

How to use

Apply a sufficient amount directly to the problem area and then gently massage in circular motions until the lotion is completely absorbed by the skin.

Now you can deal with the skin problems that afflict you and regain your self-confidence, with nature as your ally.

Today, try the body lotion with cannabis oil extract from Jeanbio and say goodbye to dry and damaged skin.

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