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Candy Jack Terpene

Concentrated terpenes, extracted without solvent

Aroma: Sweet with citrus shades

Effect: Happy, refreshing, creative, ambitious and full of energy

Content: 5 ml Certified product 0% THC!

Candy Jack Terpene Blend

Contains: β-karyophylene, linalool, myrcene, α-pinene, β-pinene, D-limonene, Geranyl, citronella.


5ml bottle


0% PG / VG

100% worldwide legal

There is no alcohol or animal extracts

USP / food quality ingredients

without diacetyl (artificial butter aroma)


Isolated Terpenes


Aromatic compounds

Precautions for use:

E-liquids and extracts: When using a standard 10mL vial, we recommend adding 2-6 drops of the turpentine mixture.

Aromatherapy: For use in perfumes or electric diffusers / humidifiers add 4-5 drops per 400mL of water. If you find that the perfume is fading, add a few more drops to the rest of the liquid.

Herbs & Flowers: To mix the herb, flowers or flowers with your favorite turpentine profile, you will need a vase and napkin. For best results, do not place terpenes directly on your flowers, add a few drops to the towel, add the flowers and the towel to the jar and leave for at least 24 hours.

Terpenes are plant compounds found in plants and give characteristic aromas. For example, the pleasant aroma of many plants and flowers is due to the high content of linalool, menthol is responsible for

characteristic aroma of mint and limonene and citrus peels. The essential oils are extracted from the plants, while most of them contain basic terpenes found in cannabis.

Turpentine mixtures come exactly from terpenes! They may include, without limit, limonene, myrcene, karyofylline, linalool, pinene, and herpineol, some of the major cannabis terpenes.

Our turpentine blends are not made from cannabis or hemp fiber, but are made to match the tastes of specific cannabis strains. That means it’s natural THC – free and legal everywhere in the world.

Our team of experts analyzes the complete composition of aromatic terpenes from the pressure of cannabis. He then breeds them faithfully using high-quality raw ingredients – without cannabis. Harvesting the special qualities is done by hand, pre-mixed with the attractive cannabis flavors that people know and love

Our turpentine mixtures contain pure terpenes, which do not contain PPG, VG or other elements. They contain soda liquids that are not drunk or applied directly to the skin. As a general rule, they should never be used at a density of more than 3%. Terpenes have similar properties to essential oils, so they are used in the same way. Although we can make some suggestions, turpentine blends are products that allow you to experiment with what looks best. Remember that terpene mixtures are concentrated liquids, so you must dissolve them before use.

New uses for terpene mixtures are common, but one of the most common ways to use them is to increase the taste of the products. We suggest the following:

In extracts: Add only one drop per gram of extract. Heat and mix the extract.

  • In e-liquids: When using a specific 10mL vial we recommend adding 0.1-0.3mL of your terpene mixture
  • To inhale cannabis or cannabis flowers with your favorite type of terpene you will need a jar and a paper towel. For best results, do not put the terpenes directly on your flowers, but add a few drops to the towel, put the flowers and towel in the jar and leave it for at least 24 hours.
  • In liquids: Terpenes are not water soluble but mix well in oil and some alcohols. Add one drop per milliliter of liquid and mix well before use.
  • Our general guideline is never to exceed 3% of terpenes. To reach 3%, use only 10 drops of terpenes for every 10 grams of oil or extract. Never steam or lubricate non-diluted terpene mixtures!
  • Yes, you can dilute our terpene mixtures and use them to enhance the flavor in steamed products. Make sure you follow the instructions for dilution and do not exceed 3% of terpenes. For best results, place them in a cool, dry place in direct sunlight.

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