Cannabis Utra Rich Moisture Soothing Cream Formula 5211 – 75ml – Jeanbio

Cannabis Utra Rich Moisture Soothing Cream Formula 5211 – 75ml – Jeanbio

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Do you suffer from cracked and dry skin? Have you tried different products and nothing has helped you?

Are you looking for a 100% natural product that will directly and effectively treat your problem and refresh the appearance of the skin?

No need to search anymore. Now there is the solution to your problem.

This is the Cannabis Ultra Rich Moisture Soothing cream, with natural cannabis oil extract from Jeanbio.

What is hemp oil and what does it offer?

Hemp oil is widely used in cosmetics and is known for its healing and cosmetic properties on the skin. Some of its beneficial properties are as follows:

Anti-inflammatory action

It reduces the signs of aging

Restores dry and wild skin

Treats skin inflammations

Strong antioxidant action

Deep hydration and protection of the skin

Lightweight and very easily absorbed by the skin

It deeply renews all cell layers

What is Cannabis Ultra Rich Moisture Soothing cream

This is a product that consists of 100% natural ingredients. This moisturizer is specially designed for sensitive and dry skin. It relieves immediately and effectively and leaves the skin deeply hydrated and healthy.

For whom is it suitable?

The cream can be used by people of all ages. It is suitable even for babies.

It is also ideal for people with skin:





What it offers

Immediate relief and soothing of the skin

Deep hydration

It relieves the intense itching caused by dry skin

Creates a shield against environmental pollution

It strengthens skin cells and nourishes them intensively

Contributes to the additional care of skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis

What does it contain

Natural hemp oil extract

Unique combination of herbal extracts

High in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids



Do not deprive your skin of the best possible care and attention. The care that only nature itself can provide.

Try the Cannabis Ultra Rich Moisture Soothing cream today, with natural cannabis oil extract from Jeanbio and see with your own eyes the impressive results.

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