CBD CARE – Cannabis Cryo Gel 200ml

CBD CARE – Cannabis Cryo Gel 200ml

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If you suffer from acute and severe pain in muscles and joints and are looking for a natural product that will provide you with immediate relief from muscle tension, then you have just found exactly what you need.

This is the Cannabis Cryo Gel 200ml from the Greek company CBD CARE.

What is Cannabis Cryo Gel?

Cannabis Cryo Gel is a unique cannabis cream / ointment, which is a product of Greek production. This is a very beneficial gel, which is ideal for athletes, as well as the elderly, who suffer from chronic problems of the musculoskeletal system.

It is indicated for frequent use, offers relief and rejuvenates pleasantly, while soothing muscle tension.

It is 100% natural and completely safe to use, as it helps to release muscle tension, as well as reduce swelling, thanks to the strong anti-inflammatory action of cannabis and its ingredients.

What Cannabis Cryo Gel offers

Cannabis Cryo Gel is ideal for the following symptoms:

Acute and severe pain





Suitable for massage on the joints, muscles and back

Relieves chronic problems of the musculoskeletal system

Immediate and effective relief


Soothing effect on tension and tight muscles

What does it contain

Cannabis Cryo Gel from CBD CARE contains only pure, natural and herbal ingredients:

Natural hemp seed oil extract

Cannabis flower extract of the Cannabis Sativa L variety

Caprylic coconut acid

Organic oil extract from the apricot kernel


Thyme extract

Try today the miraculous Cannabis Cryo Gel 200ml from the Greek company CBD CARE and enjoy your daily life, free from the pains that afflict you, with the powerful help of nature.

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