CBD CARE – Cannabis Shower Gel 250ml

CBD CARE – Cannabis Shower Gel 250ml

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If you are looking for a shower gel, with natural ingredients, for daily care and deep cleansing of the skin, then you will love the Cannabis Shower Gel 250ml from CBD CARE.

What is Cannabis Shower Gel?

The Cannabis Shower Gel by CBD CARE is a unique shower gel, which offers deep cleansing of the body, while at the same time it is very friendly for the skin. It is a product of Greek production, from natural ingredients, which gently cleanses the skin, without affecting the natural moisture of the skin and causing irritation.

This makes it an ideal product for everyday use, for those who have sensitive skin.

What does it contain

Cannabis Shower Gel contains a unique combination of the following natural ingredients:

Natural hemp oil extract – Rich in phytonutrients and essential fatty acids. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect, while at the same time it rejuvenates, tightens and deeply nourishes the skin.

Calendula extract – It has a strong antiseptic property, helps to treat acne, as well as heals scars and wounds. It also has a strong soothing effect and offers deep hydration to wild and dry skin.

Panthenol – Provitamin B5, better known as panthenol, cares for and repairs damaged skin, has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect and helps to repair the skin.

What it offers

CBD CARE’s Cannabis Shower Gel is the ideal shower gel for daily use, as it offers rich benefits:

Effective cleaning

Skin friendly

Deep nourishment and hydration of the skin

Skin rejuvenation

Soothes sensitive skin immediately

Try Cannabis Shower Gel 250ml from CBD CARE today and give your body the relaxation, treatment and care that only nature can offer.

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