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Do you want to deeply remove the daily pollution, dirt and grime on your facial skin?

Are you looking for a 100% organic product, with a powerful blend of natural ingredients that will effectively remove your makeup, leaving your skin clean, soft and hydrated?

There is the perfect product for you and your needs. This is the cleansing emulsion with hemp oil from JeanBio.

What is the cleansing emulsion with hemp oil

The cleansing emulsion with hemp oil is the ideal product for you who want something hard with the dirt and grime on the skin, while at the same time it is soft and moisturizing for the skin. It meticulously removes dirt and makeup, leaving no residue, while restoring the normal texture and balance of the skin.

This product is suitable for use in combination with the Jeanbio cannabis balance lotion lotion.

For whom is it suitable?

JeanBio cleansing lotion is suitable for normal and combination skin.

What does the cleansing lotion with hemp oil contain?

Natural hemp oil extract

Jojoba oil extract

Nutritional mixture of vitamins

Soothing Aloe Vera extract

How to use

Apply a quantity of the emulsion to a wet or dry face, using a cotton swab or apply the emulsion directly to the face with your fingers, massaging in a circular motion.

Today, try the cleansing emulsion with hemp oil from JeanBio and make your face shine with the purest and most moisturizing ingredients from nature itself.

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