Sensi Seeds CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

Sensi Seeds CBD E-Liquid (200mg)

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Υγρό ηλεκτρονικού τσιγάρου 200mg

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Do you want to enjoy your cigarette without compromising your health? Sensi Seeds offers you an alternative and healthier way to smoke e-cigarette liquids.

What is CBD E-Liquid?

Sensi Seeds’ CBD E-Liquid is an effective and convenient method of consuming cannabinoids that you can enjoy with your e-cigarette. It is an exciting and long-awaited addition to the range of high quality smoking products, as they are produced from organic hemp, with strict specifications.

This is a new dimension in the experience of cannabis users, which allows you to take advantage of the beneficial properties of cannabidiol, shielding your immune and central nervous system, while enjoying your cigarette.

Why should I prefer CBD E– Liquid?

CBD E-Liquid does not contain tar, carbon monoxide and about 4,000 other harmful, toxic substances contained in traditional cigarettes. This is a healthier but equally satisfying way to smoke compared to the classic, as well as more economical.

It is noteworthy that CBD E-Liquid relieves you from smoke, unpleasant odors, ashes, ashtrays, lighters, burns and fires.

It does not harm the people near you as the e-cigarette does not create passive smoking, while the vapor released just looks like smoke and dissolves in a few seconds.

CBD E-Liquid gives you the opportunity to detoxify your body, as you no longer receive toxins, tar and other toxic substances produced by traditional cigarette smoke during its combustion, making you feel more alive and healthy.

So enjoy your e-cigarette without hesitation and take advantage of the beneficial properties of cannabidiol!

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