SHC – Pinneapple Express 6% CBD 1gr

SHC – Pinneapple Express 6% CBD 1gr

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Do you enjoy the relaxation and well-being that vapor / smoking cannabis offers you?

Then there is a new product that you will surely love. This is the 6% CBD Pineapple Express vaporized chocolate (plasticine) from SOLID HEMP COLLECTIBLES.

What is Pineapple Express Steamed Chocolate (Plasticine)

This innovative and innovative product is essentially cannabis resin, which is compressed into cubes. It contains a rich content of natural terpenes, the Pineapple Express cannabis variety.

It has a cannabidiol content (CBD) of 6%, while its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is less than the legal 0.2%. Each jar contains 1 gram of product.

What makes the product special?

It is a product with a supple and soft texture, rich in terpenes and extremely aromatic, which is a unique way to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol from evaporation.

What does it consist of

The 6% CBD Pineapple Express Steam Chocolate consists of a natural hemp extract, which comes exclusively from certified industrial hemp crops.

Ways to use

You can enjoy Pineapple Express 6% CBD vaporized chocolate (plasticine) in various ways, to choose the one that suits you best:

As a vaporizer using the appropriate vaporizer

As a vaporizer using a glass pipe (bong)

As a regular twisted cigarette

Try today the Pineapple Express 6% CBD vaporized chocolate (plasticine) by SOLID HEMP COLLECTIBLES and discover a unique CBD vaporization experience that you will love.

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