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Every day you come in contact with hundreds of outbreaks of germs and infections.

So what you are looking for is a natural product that is very hard and effective with germs, but extremely gentle and friendly to your skin.

No need to search anymore. Nor should you continue to use common soaps, which irritate the skin and do not really cleanse. There is exactly what you need.

This is the liquid soap with tea tree oil and lavender from Jeanbio.

What is liquid soap with tea tree oil and lavender

It is a 100% natural and organic product. Contains a fresh and refreshing blend of tea tree and lavender essential oil. Jeanbio’s liquid soap is a completely biodegradable, flexible and effective product.

Made with the highest quality, organic and certified ingredients, especially for you and your special needs.

What liquid soap contains and what it offers

Jeanbio’s liquid soap contains a unique combination of:

Organic hemp seed oil extract

Tea Tree Essential Oil – Tea tree essential oil helps heal scars and wounds, strengthens hair, treats acne and dandruff and strengthens the immune system

Lavender essential oil – Lavender essential oil contains powerful anti-aging anti-inflammatory, relaxing and soothing properties, as well as regenerative action on the skin

Lemon essential oil – Strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, dissolves toxins and skin blemishes, rejuvenates tired, dull and loose skin, helps reduce oiliness and reduce acne

Orange essential oil – Powerful antioxidant, antiseptic and antimicrobial action. It is ideal for dry and mature skin, helps produce collagen and removes discolorations and freckles from the skin.

How to use

Liquid soap with tea tree and lavender is not only ideal for cleaning hands. You can use it safely, anywhere on the face or body you want. So apply it all over the body, face and hair.

This soap is ecological and its composition is mild enough to be used in any area, without any problems.

Today, try the liquid soap with tea tree oil and lavender from Jeanbio and feel the refreshing feeling of cleanliness and freshness all over your skin.

Nature is taking care of you and is your strongest ally.

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