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CBD: The natural substance that works in conjunction with your body

Health is the most valuable asset of any human being and it is something that concerns us all.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if there was something natural, herbal and safe that would act as a shield against threats and give you a feeling of well-being and better overall health?

There is and you might not even know it until today. The cannabis plant has been used in medicine for centuries, for its tremendous therapeutic benefits.

Even nowadays, cannabis remains known

to the general public, for all the wrong reasons.

But you’ll be amazed to learn that one of the essential constituents of the plant, called cannabidiol (CBD), has the unique ability to work with the human body and protect the body without side effects.

The CBD Oil Shop team has established from personal experience the healing properties of CBD and our goal is not simply to promote our products.

What we really care about is helping as many people as we can.

People with health problems who may not know how to deal with them and may be tired. They have lost their faith. Feel that there is no solution to their problem.

What we really want to achieve is to inform, dispel myths, and give hope to an ingredient that has been proven through hundreds of surveys worldwide that it can really make a difference.

That’s how cbdoilshop was born – a personal story

This is our story, and we want to share it, so that people can understand what we are really trying to achieve and why we made the decision to embark on this endeavor.

How it all started

My name is HarisChristoforatos and together with my childhood friend and former partner, George Papakonstantis , we opened the CBD Oil Shop headquarters in 2017 . This decision was not drafted. But something unexpected happened in my friend’s life and it changed him abruptly.

This sudden change was that he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and since then, nothing has been the same. George went through all the stages of the disease and was greatly troubled by it.

He did chemotherapy, radiation, and even got to the point of transplanting. He knew very well what it is to deal with something that threatens your life. What is it like to wake up every morning with the fear that maybe you will not overcome it.

That is why he wanted to help others.

George hoped that after all that had passed, he would succeed. But things did not go so well. He was sick again and it was then that he felt really helpless.

But he did not give up and tried again from the beginning.

He did chemotherapy again and had huge side effects from all the chemicals he was taking. He felt trapped in his illness and, essentially, doomed. All he did was take pills, which never seemed to make him feel better.

It was at that difficult time in his life that he first learned the power of the cannabinoids.So, he sat down and gathered information, researched, consulted and made the decision to start treatment with cannabidiol oil.

Anyway, there wasn’t much to lose at that point.

Within 3 months of treatment with cannabidiol oil, tests finally showed that the disease had stopped progressing, and a tumor in the chest had shrunk by 2 cm.

When I saw the results, I couldn’t even imagine how this would be the most effective way to deal with my friend’s problem.

At the same time, I was suffering from chronic back pain and when I saw what he was able to do for him, I needed nothing more to try it.


Our business family

This large group of people who work at the CBD Oil Shop are not just partners. They are colleagues, friends and part of the family we have built.

What we offer is an alternative, herbal and natural therapeutic substance in a wide variety of products designed to protect, the wellbeing and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

A life full of power, energy and balance .

What we all ask of you is simple.

Get rid of the prejudices that our environment has created. Find out. Read about the amazing benefits of cannabidiol through our blog and don’t believe the misinformation.

Come today already in contact with us. Ask us and ask for our help. This e-shop has been created for you.


Our team is here to help. You just have to

help yourself first.



Yours sincerely,



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