Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use




The visitor-user of this website is invited to carefully read all the terms of use and transactions and to visit-use the pages-services of the website of cbdoilshop.gr only if he understands them and accepts them fully. Upon entering the website, the visitor-user confirms that he has received knowledge of the terms of use, accepts them and waives any claim that may arise from his visit to cbdoilshop.gr. The company may modify, remove or add, as well as temporarily or permanently suspend part or all of its services at any time and without notice. Cancellation, invalidity or modification of some terms herein does not result in cancellation or cancellation of the rest. The use of this website by each user and the evaluation of its content is done exclusively at his own risk and therefore the use of the website of cbdoilshop.gr is expressly prohibited, in case of non-acceptance of any terms of use.



Cbdoilshop.gr accepts orders and executes shipments of orders within Greece, Cyprus, European Union countries and some other countries outside the European Union. Shipments are made daily, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, between 11:00 a.m.-15:00 p.m.

The various product offers that appear from time to time in this online store last for a limited time and are valid until stocks run out.

A) Order Completion-Confirmation. Upon completion of the order, the customer will receive from cbdoilshop.gr confirmation via email or sms or by phone the number of the above order. At each stage after the completion of the order and its payment, the customer will receive information via email or sms or by phone about the status (status) where his order is.

B) Cancellation of the order. During the electronic order process and before its completion, the customer can select the corresponding field “Cancel” to cancel his order.

C) Modification of the order. No change can be made after the order is completed. If the customer wishes to make a change in his order, he must cancel it BEFORE its completion and if he wishes to choose from the site, another or other products.



In all cases of orders, the delivery – receipt of the products is done exclusively to the buyer, who will have to pick up the order himself, showing his original identity or his passport and credit card, in case the purchase was made through it. Receipt of the order by a third party is prohibited, unless the buyer has authorized it legally and in writing. However, even in this case, the authorized person will have to show the above mentioned documents in order to complete the delivery of the products made by credit card. For the delivery of the respective order, the carrier is responsible, who in order to deliver the order on behalf of cbdoilshop.gr, must certify that the person receiving it is the same as the one who made it or legally authorized by it . The goods travel at cost and responsibility solely to the buyer.



Shipping costs to any point within the Greek Territory, regardless of the volume or weight of the products, amount to € 3.00 (excluding special promotions) and are valid for payment by credit card and by bank. Regarding the case of cash on delivery within Greece, the shipping costs amount to € 5.00. In case of receipt of your order from our store, you will not be charged with further costs. Shipping costs for Cyprus amount to € 10.00 for the option 10 – 14 days. For the 4 – 7 days option, the shipping costs amount to € 18.00.

Shipping costs over 25.00 euros are free only for Greece.





Greece: Within 1-5 working days
Cyprus: Within 4-7 working days
Cyprus: Within 10-14 working days

Delivery time depends mainly on the availability of products. In exceptional cases and if the customer has been informed in advance, the delivery time may be extended. The delivery time of devices or products that are sent or are in the process of service by us, varies depending on the type of failure and the availability of spare parts. In this case you will be informed about the estimated delivery time by our company.


In the event that in our electronic directory For the product, the word “stock” is written below the price of the product, which means that it is ready to be shipped and shipped within the day or the next business day. In case the word “stock” is not indicated, then the shipment of the product is made within 2-4 working days. In case there is no stock and however an order is placed then the customer is informed accordingly.



The delivery of the products is done by cooperating courier companies such as ACS Courier or companies collaborating with the above company, in which cbdoilshop.gr promotes the personal data of the users so that the delivery and execution of the orders becomes possible. Please note that order delays may occur for the following reasons:

– In periods of extreme weather events, strikes or in case of force majeure that may affect the transport and delivery of the order to the final recipient – customer. From the moment the goods are delivered by cbdoilshop.gr to the cooperating transport company on behalf of the buyer, whether received by him or by his representative, we are released from any liability regarding delay, loss, damage or theft of their products or packaging.

– The product has already been removed and is not available for sale.

– In case it is impossible to communicate by phone or via email or sms with the customer, such as regarding e.g. There is a problem with your order, either with regard to the product or its payment.

In most cases cbdoilshop.gr will contact the customer for information or to provide him with an alternative solution.




The customer pays the employee of the courier company, who acts on the orders of cbdoilshop.gr with the delivery of the order at his place. Cash on delivery does not apply to orders delivered outside Greece. The goods travel at cost and responsibility solely to the buyer.


The online store of cbdoilshop.gr accepts payments by deposit in its bank account. The buyer must deposit the full amount of the value of the products as well as the shipping costs. Finally, buyers are advised to choose to repay the amount owed to one of the two (2) banks listed below to avoid additional commission charges from the banks.

Αριθμοί Λογαριασμών

EUROBANK GR3902604380000190200215864


Any additional transaction fees from banks other than the 2 above banks (Alpha bank – Eurobank) are borne by the buyers themselves.

In all cases of payment methods except COD, the payment of the repayment amount will be confirmed by us first and then the products will be shipped.



Cbdoilshop.gr makes every reasonable effort where possible to secure the personal data of its users, observing strict security measures, which at the discretion of cbdoilshop.gr may be changed or modified. Cbdoilshop.gr to ensure the protection of its users’ personal data, uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology certified by Let’s Encrypt Authority X3. Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 is a reliable provider for the security of transactions via the internet and with this technology, every data entered by the visitor – user on the website of cbdoilshop.gr, is encrypted before it goes online and then the authenticity of the message is investigated. and the server. Personal security is the password given by the user when he becomes our member. Cbdoilshop.gr urges and recommends to its users, for security reasons only, to change their password regularly and to avoid the use of the same and easily traceable codes, as well as the disclosure of these codes to third parties.



The prices listed on the site for each product are final and they include VAT. Our company reserves the right at any time to change prices without prior notice to its customers. In any case, the customer at the time of receipt of the product he ordered will pay the price, which was listed at the time of his order.



Discount codes have a specific duration and cannot be combined with other promotions.



Ο πελάτης έχει το δικαίωμα να επιστρέψει τα προϊόντα που αγόρασε από το ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα της cbdoilshop.gr στις ακόλουθες και μόνο περιπτώσεις:

The customer has the right to return the products purchased from the online store of cbdoilshop.gr in the following cases only:

A) Wrong product – Right of Withdrawal. In case the product is different (wrong product) from the one for which the order was placed, you can return it within fourteen (14) working days from the date of purchase without any shipping charges for you. The return of the product, in this case, can be done only when the product is in its original condition (ie in excellent, complete and without damage and use) and with its complete original packaging. In this case of return of products, the customer is obliged to deliver intact and in excellent condition all the accompanying documents such as e.g. Retail reply, Invoice, gifts etc.

B) If, through the fault of cbdoilshop.gr, products of poor quality were sold (eg they were destroyed during transport, with poor packaging, etc.). In this case, the customer must not accept the receipt of the product and contact us as soon as possible. In case the customer agrees to receive the product, the company cbdoilshop.gr will not accept the return and therefore will not make any replacement or change or refund.

C) Returns of products at the customer’s expense. The customer reserves the right to return the products purchased, free of charge and without any obligation to announce the reason for which he wishes the products to be returned. The return must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of purchase. In this case, the customer bears the direct cost of returning the products. Returns will only be accepted if the products that the customer wishes to return are in exactly the same condition in which they were received, ie without being unsealed or their packaging has been tampered with. the accompanying documents of the product (such as Retail Rep., Invoice, gifts, etc.).

*** ATTENTION: In case of a technical problem with warranty coverage, see the “Warranty” section, which contains relevant information.



Cbdoilshop.gr does not provide any guarantee for the quality and suitability of the products sold for any purpose they are used. It also does not guarantee the safety and protection of the users of these products and can not be blamed for any damage that can be caused by products that it distributes or markets. Such guarantees can only be provided by the manufacturers of the product in question and the customer must be informed about the packaging of the product. Any telephone or written information made by cbdoilshop.gr regarding manufacturers’ guarantees, is done simply and only for the convenience of the customer and in no case is a guarantee of cbdoilshop.gr.



Box Packaging: Means that the product is packaged in a box and may contain additional components and information forms.

Blister Packaging: Means that the product has special packaging and information.

Bulk Packaging: Means that the product is not packaged, is not packaged and is sold as is, ie “bulk”.



Cbdoilshop.gr does not allow the use of the website – therefore no orders – by minors, ie persons under 18 years of age, nor does it collect their personal data (see link for Personal Data Protection).



The online store and website of cbdoilshop.gr contain links to other websites. Our company is not responsible in any case for any damage to users – visitors – members that arise, in terms of the use of these links or websites because they are not under the control of cbdoilshop.gr. Cbdoilshop.gr is not responsible in any case for the communication or transaction of the visitor or user with the third party service providers advertised on cbdoilshop.gr and on the other hand for any commercial or monetary transaction that may arise from their relationship. This means that for any problem that arises during the use or visit to these sites, the visitor – user must go to the respective websites. Any liability, whether civil or criminal, that exists or arises, is borne by the websites themselves and cbdoilshop.gr is not responsible. Cbdoilshop.gr in no case should be considered to guarantee or accept the content, security of use or transactions and the services of these websites.



In particular, cbdoilshop.gr does not bear any responsibility for defective products or – and untrue information concerning the goods of its suppliers and contained in its current website. The relevant responsibility is borne exclusively by its individual suppliers – partners. Cbdoilshop.gr reserves the right to make any typographical or technical errors, which cannot be predicted or have occurred unintentionally or due to interruptions of the present website due to force majeure.



All content of cbdoilshop.gr, including graphics, images, photos, drawings, texts, services provided and in general all the files of this website, with the exception of explicitly mentioned (copyrights of third parties, company partners and organizations), are copyright owned by cbdoilshop.gr and the sole proprietorship of Mr. Charalambos Gerasimos Christoforatos and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law. The other products or services mentioned on the web pages of this website and bear the marks of the respective organizations, companies, partners, associations or publications and others are their own exclusive intellectual property and therefore these bodies are also responsible.

It is expressly forbidden to copy, modify, distribute, republish, notify, compile, reproduce, format, distribute, transfer or sell, alter and send data to another computer or other computers (upload) in any form or form, any information (in its entirety). of, partial or partial or summary) provided on this website of cbdoilshop.gr, including their submission to the Internet or the provision of information on the Internet in any way, without the prior information or written permission of Mr. Charalambos Gerasimos Christoforatos.



The use and the terms of use listed on the website of cbdoilshop.gr are governed, like all its stores, by Greek Law and the applicable legal provisions of the European Union. For any dispute arising from the use of the online store of cbdoilshop.gr either in relation to the application or the interpretation of these terms of use, the Greek Courts are responsible for resolving.



Store Hours: Monday-Wednesday-Saturday from 9am – 3pm and Tuesday-Thursday-Friday from 9am – 2:30pm and 5:30pm – 9pm

Email: for information at info@cbdoilshop.gr

Call us: 210-8657453

Address: Faidriadon 12 Kypseli, Athens, 11364 Greece


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