Shopping Guide – What Is the Right Product For Me?

Shopping Guide - What Is the Right Product For Me?

One of the oldest and at the same time, most misunderstood plants, contains the substance that is the antidote to almost any disease.

A brief look at cannabidiol

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main constituents of cannabis. It comes from the plant itself and belongs to the class of herbal remedies. Cannabidiol has nothing to do with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the cannabis ingredient responsible for the feeling of relaxation you feel.

Cannabidiol has the remarkable ability to interact with receptors in the cells of the body and to enhance the effective protection of the body against disease and pain. They are proven therapeutic and without any side effects. It is also non-toxic and non-reactive. It is completely safe to use and legal.

If we think that our body produces cannabinoids themselves (endocannabinoids) we can understand why they are receptive to cannabinoid-based therapies.

What you will learn here

The purpose of this shopping guide is to inform you about the variety of our products and find out exactly what suits your needs.



CBD Oil (Pure and Concentrated)

Cannabidiol in the form of oil is the most common way of intake of the substance. It is ideal for those looking for the purest and most potent CBD intake.

Cannabidiol in the form of oil is the most concentrated form and contains the highest content of the substance. It contains little to no fragrance and no sweeteners.

Because it is the purest form of cannabidiol, the oil contains no added flavor. This product is safe to mix with any food.

It is used either by mouth or comes with a sprayer.


The spray CBD used orally and strengthen the body and spirit.

It is one of the most practical products, as just one spray per day is enough to get the daily dose you need. They contain low concentration in CBD and are the ideal starting point if you are a beginner user and want to explore it.


Vaporizers are a very innovative and helpful way to use CBD. Steamers mimic the operation of the electronic cigarette and are similar to their use.

Essentially, the cannabidiol is heated in the steamer and reaches steam form so you can inhale it.

The great advantage of the vape is that it produces no smoke at all during its operation, only steam and is thus perfectly safe for health. It also has a rapid effect and is completely safe for the oral cavity and the lungs.


Capsules are the perfect way to incorporate CBD into your diet as a natural supplement. They are completely absorbable by the body and contain high oil CBD powder.

They are very convenient, as you can carry them everywhere with you and come in a pack, with a specific number, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to take it today. They are tasteless and odorless.


CBD suppositories are also the most absorbable by the body. This is because they do not come in contact with the stomach during intake and if you are one of those who does not want the taste of the oil in his mouth, it is the ideal solution. The effect of the suppository is certainly powerful, as it also tackles upper body problems.


Cannabidiol crystals are the most pure and crude form of CBD. They are exported from high quality organic crops and are organic products.

Crystals can be used in a number of ways:

You can supply them in a quantity and heat them so that they can melt and use them as a steam product along with the appropriate steamer (Dabbing or Vaping).

You can also heat them again, until they have melted and mixed them with butter, to make delicious homemade recipes.

It is easy and completely harmless because the crystals are 100% pure CBD.

Chewing gum

CBD chewing gum is the practical solution for those of you who are busy but want to benefit from the benefits of cannabidiol. They can be taken daily and are long lasting.

Chewing gum products are very simple to use and easy to carry with you at all times. They give you freshness and breath. Chewing gum also solves the problem if you do not like taking pills in front of other people, as they are small and discreet.


CBD chocolates are handmade and made with black chocolate and milk chocolate. The way they are made preserves the benefits of cannabidiol unaltered, but without any aroma of the oil at all.

They are a delicious proposal and are of excellent quality.

Extract (Crude Oil)

The CBD crude oil is essentially the collection of juice from the cannabis plant. The end result is a very concentrated pro-nutritional supplement. The crude oil has a very high content of cannabidiol and comes in a tube .


Relaxing tea, with soothing effect and natural aroma of hemp, in combination with other aromatic herbs. So, you can enjoy your favorite beverage while at the same time enjoying the beneficial properties of cannabidiol.

Creams / Ointments

All creams, ointments and lotions are designed to target specific areas of the body where there is pain or inflammation. They are used locally and provide immediate relief.

Cosmetics (Shampoos / Hand Creams / Shampoos)

All cosmetics have rich benefits for the skin and the body and have soothing and soothing properties. They contain natural cannabis extract. They protect, rejuvenate and moisturize the skin.

Massage oil

Massage oil rich in cannabidiol. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing properties, the oil is ideal for eczema control . Effective in relieving arthritis, muscle stiffness and pain. It consists of 100% organic ingredients.


Cannabidiol-rich essential oils provide moments of relaxation and discharge. Ideal for their beneficial properties in stress and fatigue.

Liposomal spray

It is an innovative product, with rapidly dissolving hemp liposomes. The uptake of cannabidiol into the body is strengthened, as the substance is dissolved in liposomes and thus delivered directly to the cells. It is obtained either directly in the mouth or dissolved in water.

E – Liquid

Electronic Cigarette Refill Liquids with CBD. Nicotine-free and in a variety of flavors.

Sish (Kief)

This is a jar containing cannabidiol in powder form. High CBD content and easy to use in vapes. Ideal for inhalation.


Tinctures are the most popular form and provide the most flexibility to use. There are many different tincture products, in different flavors and contents.

Tinctures are an advantage, as they have complete control over the dosage you are taking thanks to the special dropper. You can adjust the number of drops, depending on your needs. They are taken sublingually, and this makes them act faster in the body. They can be mixed fearlessly with any beverage and drink during the day.

As you can see, our products are designed to meet your every need. From the biggest, to the solution to everyday problems. All this, aiming at excellent quality and maximum performance.
Give yourself a chance to benefit from the cannabidiol treasure. Join the CBD Oil Shop now and discover a world of wellness in the most natural way.

Raffaele Di LeoRaffaele Di Leo has a special degree in Pharmacy from the University of Urbino in Italy and is working as a pharmacist. In addition, he has knowledge of the legal framework and preparation of galenic cannabis medicinal products.

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