Capsules Hemp Oil Total: 1500mg CBD – Endoca

Capsules Hemp Oil Total: 1500mg CBD – Endoca


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Surely you know cannabis. But what really makes this plant a topic of discussion?

This is not a misunderstanding. But for its healing properties. You see, cannabis has been used medically for centuries, long before modern medicine evolved.

All the power of nature is in a capsule. This is exactly what the cannabidiol capsules from Endoca offer you.

What makes Endoca capsules special?

CBD capsules from Endoca are made exclusively from plant products. They do not contain any preservatives, dyes, flour, sugar, corn, gluten or butter. Inside each capsule contains pure and pure CBD.

Not only that, but no heat is used during production, giving you a pure and herbal preparation, full of all the beneficial substances of cannabis.

Each capsule is odorless, tasteless and very easy to swallow.

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