Cannabis Buds AMNESIA CB9 99%- Seedbis 1gr/2gr

Cannabis Buds AMNESIA CB9 99%- Seedbis 1gr/2gr

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  • Content: 81%-100%
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Properties of CB9
CB9 has a similar structure to the cannabinoids CBD and H4CBD, but stands out for creating euphoria.

Therapeutic potential

The therapeutic uses of CB9 are remarkable, and although research into this cannabinoid is still in its infancy, its future looks bright.
Promising. Research is currently underway to determine whether this compound could be beneficial in the treatment of various medical
conditions, such as chronic pain, inflammation and possibly neurodegenerative diseases.

CB9 could potentially help reduce stress and anxiety. If CB9 has sedative properties, it could be helpful
to relieve sleep problems

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