Medicann – Balsam P83 250ml

Medicann – Balsam P83 250ml

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Do you have back pain problems that have stuck you in bed?

Do you suffer from chronic arthritis pains, which make your daily life difficult and keep you awake at night?

Are you looking for an alternative form of treatment that is natural and effective without having side effects in your body?

Now there is exactly what you were looking for. This is the Balsam P83 250ml hemp oil cream from MediCann.

What is hemp oil?

Surely you know the cannabis plant. But probably for the wrong reasons. Despite the plant’s misunderstood reputation, cannabis has actually been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Long before the development of modern medicine.

Scientific research has shown that cannabis has powerful healing properties that can treat a wide range of serious illnesses and diseases, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and a number of mental disorders.

Hemp oil is essentially produced by crushing its seeds. Industrial hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious seeds known to man and provide tremendous health and well-being benefits to the body.

What does it contain;

MediCann Balsam P83 hemp oil cream is a unique combination of high quality medicinal cannabis, along with 10 different herbal herbs, which have been shown to help fight chronic musculoskeletal pain.



Beeswax / Balsam

Achilles / Wildlife


Red pepper


White / Guy tray




What are the benefits of Balsam P83 cream?






Muscle relaxant


It is used to treat arthritis in the knees, shoulders, neck


Rheumatic pains

Muscle cramps

For whom the use of Balsam P83 cream is indicated

MediCann’s Balsam P83 hemp oil cream works just as effectively:

In elderly patients

In young people and adolescents who were injured in activities

How to use

Apply the cream topically directly on the problem area and gently massage until it is absorbed. If necessary, it can be repeated up to 4 times a day in chronic pain.

If you feel a slight burning sensation, do not be afraid. This is the action of the cream. Do not use on open wounds.

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