Cannabis Cookies Bites Cranberry 135gr – MULTITRANCE AMSTERDAM

Cannabis Cookies Bites Cranberry 135gr – MULTITRANCE AMSTERDAM

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Multitrance Original Amsterdam – Cannabis Cookies Bites Cranberry

Introducing Cannabis Butter Cookie Bites, a delicious option that combines the buttery flavor of cookies with the infusion of hemp seed oil. With the added ingredient of hemp oil, these cookies have the potential to promote wellness. The omega fatty acids found in hemp seeds contribute to heart health by reducing inflammation and supporting brain function.

> 100% legal for consumption in the European Union (EU)
> (0% THC)
> No added sugar
> Made in the EU
> Content: 150 gr
> Ingredients: Wheat flour, 20% butter (milk), sweetener: maltitol, palm oil, pasteurized egg mass, hemp flour (5%), potato starch, salt, colors: carotenes, hemp oil. May contain soy, tree nuts, peanuts and sesame. No added sugar but contains natural sugars.

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