CBD CAPSULES 50 – 1500MG ORGANIC – 30caps – Phyto +

CBD CAPSULES 50 – 1500MG ORGANIC – 30caps – Phyto +

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If you want to shield your immune system or are looking for a solution to get rid of pain and inflammation, then the powerful phyto plus capsules with 15% CBD have the solution for you!

What are 15% CBD capsules?

Cannabidiol capsules have been developed to make it easier to take a specific dose of CBD / CBDa organic oil daily. Each capsule contains 50mg of CBD extract, which consists of cannabidiol, cannabidiol acid, and lower concentrations of CBC, CBN and CBG. They are tasteless and odorless, thus facilitating swallowing, while their shell is vegan.

What do 15% CBD capsules offer?

Cannabidiol capsules with 15% CBD boost your immune system, as they contain cannabidiol (CBD), but also cannabidic acid (CBDa), one of the 113 compounds found in raw form in the cannabis plant, without undergoing a process of recovery. . They are suitable against her:



Renal anorexia

Multiple sclerosis

Irritable Bowel

Adrenal dysfunction




Tourette’s syndrome

Skin diseases


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