CBD Hash 6% Critical – Euphoria

CBD Hash 6% Critical – Euphoria

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Σοκολάτα ατμίσματος CBD hash 6% CRITICAL

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CBD HASH 6% CRITICAL, natural, compressed high quality resin, which satisfies even the most difficult judges, as it contains terpenes from the best aromatic varieties of cannabis, which have the taste and aroma of lemon, pine and spices. Terpenes, such as α-spinene, β-pinene, linalool, myrcene, d-lemon, karyofylline, form the effect of cannabinoids on the body, giving a sense of fun and relaxation.

Legends and ancient stories associate it with Chinese emperors, Indian gods, Egyptian hieroglyphics, religious sects and Muslim fighters. The critical variety is the Indica variety, which combines durability, taste, performance and pleasure, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding. It is a small plant that does not exceed one meter, fast and efficient in flowering and rich in buds. Its flowers are green, with white crystals and lanceolate leaves.

From a medical point of view, it is considered one of the best analgesic drugs with natural cannabidiol (6% CBD), achieving the body and mind in a peaceful state. It helps control pain mainly in the head, but also in the spine, fights insomnia, stress, muscle spasms, anorexia and atony and is suitable for university research.

CBD hash 6% critical, is a certified product of the European Union with a legal content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), 6% full spectrum cannabidiol and plant terpenes, which promises you moments of intense euphoria and relaxation.

Product for laboratory use by farmers and universities

Net weight 1gr.

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