Cbd Hash 9% Girl Scout Cookie – Euphoria

Cbd Hash 9% Girl Scout Cookie – Euphoria

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CBD hash (σοκολάτα ατμίσματος) 9% GIRL SCOUT COOKIE

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EUPHORIA HASH GIRL SCOUT COOKIE specially processed resin is derived from the high-quality essential oils of ruderalis cannabis strains. After being dried and processed into powder, this resin is compressed into a cube that resembles plasticine and is steamed chocolate.

The story of HASH begins centuries ago with the Muslim warriors of Assassin, who in the 8th century used a garden on the hills of Kashmir shortly before carrying out their mission. Girl Scout Cookies is a strong combination of OG Kush and Durban Poison and its name is associated with the sweet, chocolate flavor it leaves.

The height of the plant of the same name does not exceed one meter, while its flowers are compact and rich in crystals with lanceolate green leaves. Its color varies from dark green, brown or even black, while its aroma is special, intense but also pleasant, leaving a spicy taste.

It contains 9% CBD of the full range of cannabidiol, which covers a wide range of conditions such as depression, diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease. THC) less than legal 0.2%

Its sweet and earthy aroma will take your senses off the ground, offering you moments of relaxation and creative mood, while due to its powerful sedative capabilities, it is suitable for patients who need relief from:


motion sickness,




multiple sclerosis and

loss of appetite.

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Product for laboratory use by universities and farmers

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