CBD Organic Oil 5%, 500MG – 10ML – Canvory

CBD Organic Oil 5%, 500MG – 10ML – Canvory

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  • Size: 10ml
  • Content: 5%

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Are you looking for a 100% natural dietary supplement that will strengthen your body’s natural defenses and provide you with better overall health and well-being?

You just found the perfect product for you. This is the organic hemp oil with 5% CBD of 10ml from Canvory.

What is organic hemp oil with 5% CBD

Organic hemp oil with 5% CBD offers a high quality and 100% natural dietary supplement. The cannabidiol extract it contains comes from certified, organic Sativa L. cannabis crops.

How to produce organic hemp oil with 10% CBD

It is produced by the mild CO2 extraction method, which ensures the preservation of all active cannabinoids. This results in the production of an oil that is completely organic and of the highest possible quality.

When growing cannabis plants, Canvory places special emphasis on the characteristics, which ensure absolute purity and quality.

These features are:

Organic and certified crops in the European Union

Without any use of herbicides and pesticides

Without the use of chemical and artificial fertilizers

Mild processing

Without alcohol

High bioavailability

Way of use

Drops of organic hemp oil with 5% CBD are given orally, absorbed directly by the body and can be mixed with food and drink.

For prevention as a natural dietary supplement, it is enough to take 3-5 drops a day. As an alternative form of treatment, it can be taken up to 3 times a day, in a dose of 3-4 drops, per intake.

Important Note: Shake well before use and store in a dark, cool place, away from children.


CBD content: 5% (500mg)

THC content: <0.0%

Bioavailability: 9%


Organic hemp oil extract

Cannabidiol Extract (CBD)

Try the organic cannabis oil with 5% CBD of 10ml from Canvory today and feel the beneficial effect of cannabidiol, whether you have a health problem or just want to boost your overall health and feel well.

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