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Do you have a weakness for Italian cuisine and are you looking for a product that closes the whole Italian tradition?

Something that will give you the opportunity to create delicious homemade recipes that will drive your family and loved ones crazy?

Then you should definitely try the pesto with cannabis and basil from CBWEED.

What is pesto with hemp and basil

The company CBWEED has created an excellent edible cannabis product, made in Italy and perfectly combines the delicious balance with the beneficial properties of cannabis.

Pesto with hemp and basil is an excellent product which is 100% organic and vegan friendly.

CBWEED hemp and basil pesto is a unique compound among the refreshing scent of basil, which is enhanced by the great nutritional value of cannabis seeds. So you can enjoy a classic dish that closes the whole authentic Italian tradition.

What does pesto contain with cannabis and basil

In addition to the fragrant basil and cannabis seeds, which come from organic crops of the Cannabis Sativa variety, CBWEED’s Italian pesto also includes extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Way of use

Cannabis and basil pesto is an organic product that you can use in many different ways. Try smearing it on croutons, bread, but also on crackers, to have authentic Italian dressing or add it as a garnish to your pasta, using 1 teaspoon per serving.

Now try the pesto with cannabis and basil from CBWEED and bring the tradition of Italian cuisine to its plate.

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