Chocoloco 1gr pollen 10% CBD – Plant Of Life

Chocoloco 1gr pollen 10% CBD – Plant Of Life

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100% ρητίνη κάνναβης με 10% (CBD) κανναβιδιόλης


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Chocoloco Steamed Chocolate by Plant of Life is a resin, with a history of many millennia that begins in China, Japan, Korea, where emperors and botanists of the time used it to treat rheumatism and malaria. It comes from the intersection of Thai Sativa variety with Chocolope Haze, and is the favorite resin of many artists, awarded in 2016 as one of the best varieties of cannabis, due to its special taste and aroma.

It comes from the combination of pollen and capillaries found on the surface of the plant, which are responsible for producing cannabinoids and terpenes. Its taste is strong, bittersweet, ideal for those who want a taste of tobacco, sweet chocolate and creamy caramel, while its aroma is more sweet, relaxing and deep  .

Chocoloco resin, rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, gives spiritual clarity, stimulation, concentration, energy, but also euphoria, relieving you from:






appetite and sleep disorders


motion sickness



It can also be combined with other terpenes or cannabinoids and is more effective in boosting cannabinoid absorption with the appropriate vaporizer or using the Dab technique.


100% organic

1 gram of product


Tetrahydrocannabinol <0.2%

EU certified product

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