DaVinci – IQ

DaVinci – IQ

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Small, light and comfortable to hold

It heats up quickly and fills up easily

Screen with 51 LEDs, beautiful and informative

Anodized aluminum enclosures provide great protection and attractive appearance

Air route through ceramic material and zirconium mouthpiece for excellent taste quality

360o heat transfer

Powerful battery with the ability to change and recharge (via USB)

Tactical notice (vibration)

Enabled Bluetooth (ability to control via Apple and Android smartphones)

Defined smart functions, plus Precision and Learning function

Accessories (included)

Rechargeable battery 3500mAh

Micro USB cable

Taste chamber

10mm water adapter

2x DaVinci tools for the chamber

DaVinci keychain

Alcohol cleaning wipes

Additional Rings and Tsimouches

Cleaning brush

Can vaporize Mixtures

DaVinci Manufacturer

Size (length x width x height) 4.2 x 2.4 x 9.0 cm

Vaporizer Weight 145 g

Style Available in Blue, Bronze, Black Metallic or Stealth (black).

Power Source Removable battery

Heating Element Ceramic heating chamber (100% ceramic air path)

Steam Delivery Method Directly

Country of manufacture China

10 year warranty

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