Sensi Seeds – CBD #1318 Fem (Black Domina x Harlequin) 3 Seeds

Sensi Seeds – CBD #1318 Fem (Black Domina x Harlequin) 3 Seeds

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Σπόροι CBD #1318 Fem (Black Domina x Harlequin)

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Rich in cannabidiol and terpenes, Sensi Seeds’ CBD # 1318 Fem (Black Domina x Harlequin) variety was born from the combination of the American Harlequin variety with Black Domina, one of Afghanistan’s most powerful. It is a hardy and tall plant, Indica variety, with compact, uniform, orange flowers, and dark foliage. Its dark appearance, but also the aroma of black hash for twenty years, enchants cannabis friends, due to its rich production in resin.

The flowers of the variety CBD # 1318 Fem (Black Domina x Harlequin) are heavy, with a high content of cannabidiol and terpenes, giving you an extremely strong, relaxing effect. Their aroma is spicy and strong, bringing to mind Afghan black hash or raspberry. The taste is sweet, but also peppery, like an exotic mango or vanilla fruit.

Recommended cultivation techniques:

sea ​​of ​​green method (SOG), for greater, quality and quantitative harvesting

LST technique, for greater efficiency, in any climate, but also in a limited space.

ScrOG technique, which encourages horizontal growth and the development of many homogeneous flowers,

The advantage of these methods is that there is a healthy circulation of air and light throughout the plant, which spends less time in the growth phase, producing more flowers, compared to the area where it is grown.

The flowers CBD # 1318 Fem (Black Domina x Harlequin) are effective against:






Gastrointestinal disorders

Of intolerance


Of tachycardia

Musculoskeletal disorders

Of chronic pain

It is particularly effective against inflammation thanks to the rich terpenes it contains, thus balancing hormones and giving the body well-being, health and clarity.


Pack of 3 seeds

Plant height 70 – 180 cm.

Flowering time 60 days (preferably in the hot summer months)

Indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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