Sensi Seeds – Jamaican Pearl Feminised (3seeds) Cannabis Cup Winner

Sensi Seeds – Jamaican Pearl Feminised (3seeds) Cannabis Cup Winner

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Σπόροι Jamaican Pearl Feminised

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Twice awarded the first prize at the famous Highlife Festival, the Jamaican Pearl Feminised inflorescence of Sensi Seeds has its roots in the depths of India, while in 1840 it was cultivated in Jamaica and quickly adapted to the climatic conditions of the place. It is a cross between Sativa, Early Pearl and Marley’s Collie, with resin-rich flowers, cannabidiol, terpenia, which are famous for their warm, relaxing power, giving you euphoria, energy and a happy mood.

Characteristic of the Jamaican Pearl Feminised variety are its strong stems, with slender leaves protruding from long branches and sticky flowers, covered with white and hairy resin. In fact, its flowers are so rich that in many cases it needs support so that the branches do not break from the weight. The combination of intense and sweet aroma reminiscent of skunk, blends harmoniously with its sweet and tropical taste, traveling you to exotic places!

Recommended cultivation techniques:

sea ​​of ​​green method (SOG), for greater, quality and quantitative harvesting

ScrOG technique, which encourages horizontal growth and the development of many homogeneous flowers,

LST technique, for greater efficiency, in any climate, but also in a limited space.

The advantage of these methods is that there is a healthy circulation of air and light throughout the plant, which spends less time in the growth phase, producing more flowers, compared to the area where it is grown.

Jamaican Pearl Feminised flowers fight:


motion sickness



Intense stress

Myosceletical problems

Sensory neuropathy

Fighting chronic pain

Bipolar disorder


Pack of 3 seeds

Height 60 – 300 cm.

Flowering time 11 weeks

Indoor and outdoor cultivation (autumn months)

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