Sensi Seeds – Skunk #1 Automatic ( 3 Seeds )

Sensi Seeds – Skunk #1 Automatic ( 3 Seeds )

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Σπόροι Skunk #1 Automatic

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Rich in resin, terpenes and cannabidiol, Sensi Seeds’ award-winning Skunk # 1 Automatic variety dominated the monopoly of Amsterdam in the 1970s. It is a 20% Sativa and 80% Indica hybrid, created by the association of Russian executives Ruderallis and Skunk # 1, a legendary variety that, thanks to its powerful genotype, has influenced about a hundred modern hybrids.

The Skunk # 1 Automatic variety is a hardy plant, of medium height, with lush foliage and dense flowers. Its taste is unique, sweet and earthy, while its aroma is intoxicating and fruity, immersing itself in a deep relaxing pleasure.

Recommended cultivation techniques:

sea ​​of ​​green method (SOG), for greater, quality and quantitative harvesting

LST technique, for greater efficiency, in any climate, but also in a limited space.

ScrOG technique, which encourages horizontal growth and the development of many homogeneous flowers,

The advantage of these methods is that there is a healthy circulation of air and light throughout the plant, which spends less time in the growth phase, producing more flowers, compared to the area where it is grown.

Skunk # 1 Automatic flowers fight:

Intense stress



Chronic pain




Pack of 3 seeds

Height 60 – 100 cm.

Flowering time 45-55 days

Indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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