Volcano Digit

Volcano Digit

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The digital Volcano Digit vaporizer is the best vaporizer on the market for almost a decade.

The main feature of the operation of Volcano Classic and Digit vaporizer is the valve balloon in which the steam produced is pumped. Once the valve balloon is loaded, it can be completely detached and separated from the vaporizer so that the contents can be easily and safely consumed.


Large LED display

Advanced Air Temperature Control System

Aluminum Food Safety Heating Container

High Performance Heat Head

Strong Diaphragm Pump

Advanced German Technology

Temperature between 40. & 230. C

Electromechanical Design

Automatic Shutdown function

3 Years Warranty

Includes Easy Valve Set

Accessories (Included):

Filling Chamber

Easy Valve Set

6 Normal Cities

Air filter

Impregnated Sponge

Cleaning brush




Volcano comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is limited to normal use.

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