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Airvape X

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Extremely slim, extremely portable and discreet

Large cabin, 25% larger than the AirVape Xs

Magnetic mouthpiece with advanced structure

20-second heating time with hybrid heating

Elegant, high quality material upgrade

Full ceramic steam path for great taste

Fast charging battery

Precise temperature setting up to 220. C

Accessories (included)


USB charger cable

Cleaning, Packaging Tools

Filter screens

High Quality Construction

The powerful AirVape X proves that the bigger is not always better. At 1.2 cm wide and 90 grams, this vaporizer is one of the thinnest and lightest on the market, but its construction competes with many larger models. The AirVape X has an elegant, metallic exterior that is sturdy without being heavy, ensuring that the device will withstand normal wear and tear. Its durable body is combined with a complete ceramic steam path for optimal taste. Even better, the ceramic nozzle is magnetized for easy loading, just disconnect and open without screwing. All of these are packaged in a form that is small enough to fit in palms and pockets for high discretion, wherever you are.

Long Sessions

Made for long sessions with less rechargeable versions, the AirVape X is competitive for its money. The vaporizer’s larger chamber is supported by a hybrid heating system that uses both conduction and heating. As the ceramic chamber heats the bowl, hot air is sucked over each inch of the herb. By fully evaporating your load, AirVape X reduces waste, making sessions longer. The 1300 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges via micro-USB in just one hour and lasts about three to four bowls. But if you enjoy longer sessions, don’t be afraid – with pass-through technology, you can steam constantly while the battery is charging.

Easy Operation

Fortunately, to get this high quality performance, you don’t have to compromise on ease of use. AirVape X is a effortless device that makes your sessions simple at every step. When you are ready to use the vaporizer, charge the chamber with finely ground herb and pack tightly until it reaches the rim. If you are using the new condensate pad, simply put the wax or drop of oil on it before putting it in the chamber. Then all you have to do is open the magnetic cap and click the power button three times. This security feature keeps your battery life running and keeps the AirVape X running while in your pocket. You just have to wait 20 seconds for this vaporizer to heat up, but don’t worry about watching the clock – it will vibrate to let you know it’s ready.

Easily customize each session to your liking using the simple control buttons. You can adjust the temperature to 1 ° between 93 ° C and 220 ° C. Check the modern 3.3 cm LED display to see the current temperature and battery life. You can also use the controls to change the auto-shutdown time or to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Smooth Use

Do not underestimate the steam that this small device can produce. Thanks to the complete ceramic, oval steam and heating path, the AirVape X provides smooth success that is true to the natural taste of the selected herb stem. The delicious taste and warm aromas are further enhanced by the dual AirVape filter system, which cools and smoothes out the vapors better than many competing portable vaporizers. With an isolated airway, the AirVape X also ensures that you don’t inhale any volatile, unpleasant compounds. For a better, smoother taste, choose lower temperatures. for higher density evaporate at 193 ° C and above.


AirVape X is equipped with a two-year warranty.

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