CRAFTY+ Storz & Bickel

CRAFTY+ Storz & Bickel

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Product characteristics:

Vibration notification

It weighs only 135g

Check with a button

Hot air with full synagogue

Btaria Lithiou Monastery

Very efficient air exchange

Accurate temperature control

Multifunctional wireless Bluetooth application

Automatic shut-off switch

Accessories (Included)



USB cable

Impregnated Sponge

3x sieves


Stuffing Aid



Check with a Button

The small construction of the CRAFTY with a single lithium battery is complemented by a practical control button: Open the CRAFTY by pressing only one button. Then it heats up automatically until it reaches the predetermined temperature of 180 ° (356 ° F). With a double click on the button, the temperature amplifier is activated at 195 ° C. When the vaporizer reaches the set temperature, it notifies you with a short double vibration and an LED indicator: The LED changes color from red to green.

Smartphone application

A unique feature of CRAFTY is that it can be connected to your smartphone through the free app. The free application for CRAFTY Remote Control gives you the opportunity to adjust the basic and enhanced temperature of your device according to your personal preferences. Among other things, the App allows you to see the status of the battery charge on your smartphone, turn on and off the vibration function of CRAFTY and activate the notification and vibration function from your smartphone.

You can download the CRAFTY Remote Control App via Google Play or iTunes.

Performance & Efficiency

CRAFTY uses convection and transmission heat to guarantee efficient and complete evaporation in each use. Efficient heat exchange allows CRAFTY to quickly produce visible steam, and the application allows the user to adjust the heat as desired to create the perfect steam for everyone.


The CRAFTY vaporizer is shipped with a manufacturer’s warranty for two years, subject to proper use.

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