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The new ARIZER EXTREME Q vaporizer is the most easy-to-use, functional and efficient vaporizer ever built, with high-tech and high-quality components. With the digital control device you regulate the temperature and the quality of the vapors, while thanks to the construction of the whirlpool bowl, the air is evenly distributed, unfolding all the aromas of your aromatherapy.

The unique design of the ARIZER EXTREME Q rightly ranks it among the top for group use of a vaporizer, ideal even for novice users. A smoking alternative, completely safe and valuable for the body, as it offers you all the beneficial benefits of cannabidiol.

The ARIZER EXTREME Q vaporizer has:

Remote control so you can adjust fan speed, steam density and temperature, as well as use the balloon filling system or the extra large steam mouthpiece.

Automatic shutdown setting

Upgraded and silent three-speed fan for better steam density control

High quality, non-toxic glass parts, which can be easily replaced or washed.

Balloon filling system

Triple heating sensors for the ceramic heating element

Transparent, bright, digital LCD screen

3-year warranty and lifetime warranty on the ceramic heating element.

ARIZER EXTREME Q for wonderful high-tech vaporization results that will take off your taste and touch your senses!

Accessories included in the package:


2 glass containers

Secure vinyl pipe

Glass stirring tool

Replacement screens


Detachable balloon system with 2 balloons

Remote control

Oil container (aromatherapy bowl)

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