Flowermate – V5.0S Pro

Flowermate – V5.0S Pro

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Are you looking for a vaporizer that is easy to use, long lasting, for a rich steaming experience?

Now there is exactly what you are looking for. This is the V5.0S Pro vaporizer from Flowermate.

What is the V5.0S Pro vaporizer

The V5.0S Pro vaporizer is the ideal choice for those of you looking for an easy-to-use, well-made, portable vaporizer, with full temperature control and long battery life, at a great price.

What makes the V5.0S Pro vaporizer special?

The V5.0S Pro vaporizer has a simple function, based on 3 different buttons. There is a power button, which activates and deactivates the vaporizer and the 2 + and – buttons to adjust the temperature. Using Flowermate Pro is very easy. Just turn it on, put your favorite aromatic mixture in the special chamber and within 20 seconds, the Pro heats up and is ready for use.

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The new liquid crystal display (LCD), faster heating time, longer battery life, improved heating chamber, a digital temperature control switch and the new maximum temperature (230 ° C) compose the ultimate vaporizer, which will you use.

A new feature of the V5.0S Pro version is the fact that it shows an indication of the battery life, so you always know exactly when you need to charge it.

The V5.0S Pro vaporizer is equipped with 2 batteries and allows you to steam continuously for up to 2.5 hours, with a single charge. Finally, it is made of high quality materials, which have a ceramic heating chamber, pyrex stem and aluminum shell.

It can fit comfortably and conveniently in your pocket, while its appearance is reminiscent of that of a common power bank.


Adjustable air flow

Fully independent air route

Digital temperature switch

OLED display screen

2.5 hours battery life

Temperature range ranging from 40 ° C – 230. C

Included accessories

Glass mouthpiece

5x Stainless Steel Screens


Liquid / Wax tank

Dry Herb Reservoir

Cleaning tool

Filling tool

Try the V5.0S Pro vaporizer from Flowermate today and go through the steaming experience in the next step, with the most complete, rich and delicious taste that you can enjoy always and everywhere.

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