Phyto+ Organic 15% CBD Oil drops – 1500mg cbd/cbda

Phyto+ Organic 15% CBD Oil drops – 1500mg cbd/cbda


  • Content: 15%
  • Size: 10ml

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If you are looking for something natural and completely safe, to feel well and to stimulate the overall health of the mind and body, then there is the ideal product for you.

Cannabidiol CBD Oil Drops 15% RAW Organic oil from PHYTO + has come to revolutionize the use of cannabidiol.

These are broad-spectrum drops that are extremely easy to use. Cannabidiol oil from PHYTO + is extracted with the mildest and purest extraction method (super critical CO2 extraction), in order to maintain all the beneficial active natural molecules and to have in your hands an extremely high quality oil.

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