Cannachai Hemp Green Tea10 sticks – Kannabio

Cannachai Hemp Green Tea10 sticks – Kannabio

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Are you looking for a drink that will relax your senses and stimulate your immune system? Kannabio’s Elixir Tea promises to give you the elixir of life.

What is Kannabio’s Elixir Tea?

It is a flower drink of Greek organic Cannabis, mixed with 2 types of green teas from Sri Lanka and grown on Greek organic farms, without the use of chemicals or fertilizers. The flowers are collected by hand, dried naturally and combined with green tea to create a fragrant blend with a pleasant taste, without toxic side effects, a traditional medicine, rich in polyphenols and cannabinoids, capable of reducing the risk of many diseases.

Why should I prefer Kannabio’s Elixir Tea?

Kannabio’s Elixir Tea contains high quality oriental tea leaves, which are packaged airtight to keep their aroma unchanged. What makes Kannabio’s Elixir Tea special is its unique design:

Ten tea bars made of a multi-layered safe material, which withstands temperatures above 100⁰C, the Silver Flexy ™, distributes the tea evenly throughout the cup, without remaining at the bottom, like the traditional sachet.

It is easy to use and practical, as you can carry it anywhere without the need for a spoon as it also serves as a stirrer for sugar or honey.

It keeps your cup clean and does not drip, as the leaves it contains dilate and clog the holes in the rod.

What does Kannabio’s Elixir Tea offer me?

It is a decoction enhanced with cannabidiol, which satisfies even the most demanding in taste, as it leaves no smell or taste of cannabis. Specifically:

Protects DNA from damage

Improves lung health

Relieves nausea and stomach upsets.

Helps digestion, relaxes the body and mind

It protects the heart

Fights depression and anxiety

Contains neuroprotective properties

Lowers blood cholesterol

It helps in the best quality of sleep

Helps with sweating and dieting

Reduces pain and inflammation

It strengthens the immune system and protects against viruses

It relieves you of bad breath

Its taste is mild, herbal and can be combined with lemon, milk or honey, which is a super food and energy source. Enjoy your favorite drink frozen or hot, morning, evening and fill with energy and peace! The results will surprise you!

It is a 100% organic product

Store at room temperature, away from moisture

Certified product of the European Union

The package includes 10 tea bars wrapped individually

THC <0.2%

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