Vegan τραχανάς βιολογικής κάνναβης 300gr – KANNABIO

Vegan τραχανάς βιολογικής κάνναβης 300gr – KANNABIO

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Παραδοσιακός τραχανάς βιολογικής κάνναβης

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Are you a fan of healthy Mediterranean food and traditional Greek cuisine? Kannabio organic cannabis trachana is what you’re looking for!

What is Kannabio’s Vegan Traditional trachanas organic hemp?

It is a traditional product, made in Volos, Volos, from organic durum wheat flour of the traditional variety “Lemnos”, vegetable milk from hemp seeds and hemp flour from organic farming from Kokkina, Magnesia. Specifically, the flour is produced from cold pressing of cannabis seeds of Fedora 17 variety and is ground at the Green Farm, Kryas Vrysis. The unique texture of Kannabio trachana organic hemp, its rich and full flavor, combined with its wonderful, sweet and earthy aroma, with citrus notes, will enchant your palate!

Why should I prefer Kannabio’s Traditional trachanas organic hemp?

For 2,000 years, the trachanas in the eastern Mediterranean region, known as tarkhaneh, which meant the food of the poor, have played an important role in the daily diet of many people. Today, in modern cuisine, trachanas has gained an important place and is classified in gourmet pasta by renowned chefs, not only for its wonderful taste, but mainly for its beneficial properties. Specifically, trachanas organic hemp, rich in carbohydrates, fiber, protein, magnesium, calcium, has:

High nutritional value

A few calories

Low fat

Its benefits are enormous as:

It is extremely beneficial for the health of the intestine and digestive system due to probiotics

It works effectively against osteoporosis, thanks to phosphorus

It is a good source of iron absorption

It has antioxidant and beneficial properties on the skin, blood, heart, eyes, reproductive system.

protects the immune and central nervous systems as it interacts with receptors on the body’s cells.

It can be cooked as a soup, about 15-20 minutes and combined with various ingredients, such as tomatoes, meat, feta, milk, vegetables, for extra flavor. It is consumed as an accompaniment to your meat or fish, or it can be added to pies and your meatballs instead of bread.

For a full, high-calorie, low-calorie meal, choose Kannabio organic cannabis trachana!


Cannabis sativa L,

THC <0.2%

Fedora variety 17

100% Greek organic product

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