FocusVape S Pro Premium

FocusVape S Pro Premium

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Two-button OLED display

Powerful 3200mAh lithium-ion battery replaced by the user

Charging and tactile feedback

Comes with bong-bubbler attachment

Ceramic and Pyrex steam path for pure taste

Durable but light

Accurate temperature setting from 80 ° C to 240. C

Deep chamber 0.5 g for fewer substitutes

Accessories (included)

Attached Bubbler

Samsung’s original high-end 3,200mAh battery

Micro USB charging cable (5 pins)

Extra glass mouthpiece

Packaging tool

Cleaning brush

3 filter screens

Extremely Personalized Taste

One of the best aspects of FocusVape Pro S Premium is how easy it is to customize the flavor output to your liking. As with other vaporizer models, you can choose how thin or coarse to grind your dry herb before loading it. You can also adjust the heat with great precision. select any temperature between 80 ° C and 240 ° C in 1 ° steps.

But FocusVape doesn’t stop there. It also has a built-in air flow control valve that regulates how much fresh air is drawn into the heating chamber and mixes with the herbal steam, changing the density and taste produced. The valve has three adjustment positions – choose low airflow for thick clouds or high airflow for smoother displays.

If that’s not enough for you, the FocusVape Pro S Premium comes with an attached bubble. Easy to fill with water and put on the device, the bubble reproduces the feeling of cooling, the sound of gushing and the taste of a bong.

High performance

In addition to the 160. Temperature range, the FocusVape Pro S Premium has many high performance features. This vaporizer is powered by a Samsung 3200mAh 18650 battery μία one of the highest-capacity batteries on any laptop on the market. Better yet, this battery can be replaced by the user, so you can turn it off for spare parts to keep your session longer. You can also use FocusVape while it is charging thanks to the device’s pass-through technology.

But excellent performance does not mean much difficulty. The FocusVape deep chamber is easy to load – just turn the mouthpiece over to reveal it. With a sloping end, the chamber makes it impossible to leak. Once the chamber is full, the vaporizator  heats up quickly in less than 35 seconds. The FocusVape Convection heating method produces a clean baking that leaves little residue, making this device one of the lowest maintenance options available.

Also, the FocusVape Pro S Premium has many additional features to enhance your experience. Built-in security, this vaporizer has an automatic shutdown function. After five minutes of heating and three minutes of standby operation, the devices close to prevent overheating. This is complemented by the activation vibration that allows you to know when FocusVape is running. The vaporizator  also vibrates when the desired temperature is reached, so you don’t have to watch the screen while waiting. Another useful feature that makes sessions effortless is the FocusVape Pro S Premium memory laundry – the last setting you used will be saved for your next session, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the ideal temperature you found.

High Quality Design

Designed for use anywhere and anywhere, the FocusVape Pro S Premium is compact and lightweight at just 180g. While you might think that such a small device is sure to have poor build quality, the robust FocusVape is made of superior materials. The outer casing is made of anodized quality airplane aluminum, ensuring that this vaporizer is resistant to wear. The deep, non-combustible ceramic chamber holds 0.5 grams of herb – just the right size for an enjoyable solo session. Meanwhile, the mouthpiece is made of durable Pyrex glass tube, supported by a gold triple filtration system and heat release air tunnel. With the sealed and isolated air corridor, the FocusVape Pro S Premium produces unstable, tasty steam.


This vaporizator  is also equipped with an OLED display and two control buttons for easy adjustment of temperature and settings. The screen also shows the current level of the battery, ensuring that your session is never interrupted by an unexpected shutdown.


All FapusVape Pro S S Pr vaporizers Emium sold are completely authentic and are backed by a 1 year warranty.

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